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Our developers, engineers, managers, and executives have decades of expertise developing, deploying, and supporting pharmacy benefit management (PBM) claims software systems to serve the entire spectrum of the pharmacy benefit management industry. We are experts at developing and administering copay cards, rebates, vouchers, and patient assistance programs, all of which are designed to help patients afford medications. There are numerous ways to customize each program. Contact us to discover the impact we can make on your business.

Adjudication Software
Bounce is a fully customizable and brandable market access platform that can be tailored to any customer's individual needs. It is built on a PBM claims processing engine that can be set up with any plan specifications you provide. We provide you with the tools you need, such as real-time technology and data solutions, to help you streamline data aggregation and make it even easier for clinicians and patients to access. Instant access to reports, including the most recent payer policy and coverage statistics.
Network Services
Bounce offers cost-effective network services for both broad-based and customized networks. You can use your own network or ours. Choose from a variety of programs and tailor your spending to your preferred and non-preferred networks.
Compliance and risk mitigation solutions that safeguard your program from risk factors such as pharmacy fraud and government exclusion.
Copay and Patient Assistance Programs
A seamless patient experience that alleviates the patient's stress points and puts them at ease from the time the prescription is received until it is fulfilled at the pharmacy. Easy-to-implement patient access programs.

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We have our own claims processor.

We provide Plan Design.